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I just found a great new shooter, Warning Forever – It’s similar to rRootage, since it’s all auto-created boss fights. However, the bosses have lots of different weapons, and you have a secondary weapon. The game also has a neat twist on the genre – instead of lives, you have time. Everytime you die, you lose 10 seconds. Fantastic game. =)


Wow, I sure haven’t entered anything into this blog for a while. It seems that Tater’s not around much, either. (sigh)

So anyways, I got to go do BioWare’s family BBQ last night — doing balloons! I had lots of fun, and from what I hear, one of the CEOs was really impressed with the balloons! Yay! =)

Also, as an added bonus, they’re giving me a signed copy of KOTOR! Awesome! I love these guys.