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I just recently completed a little project. It’s basically a place where people can post a picture temporarily, for sharing with others on IRC. I’ll probably document it, and put it in the Coding section, along with a few of my other mini-projects.

I’m also working on a rRootage / Noiz2sa scoreboard. In order to eliminate cheating, I’m parsing the actual hiscore file – so all people will need to do is login, upload their latest score file, and it’ll update their scores. =)


I’ve been looking at many state colleges (in Virginia) for the past month or so. I graduated highschool in 2002 and took a year off to work and save money. My current plan is to spend one year at a community college and transfer to a state college for three years and get my degree. I want to be an author and write fantasy/sci-fi novels for a living. ^_^;; I start community college this fall. I have to narrow the list of state colleges down soon. I’ve been eyeing JMU (James Madison University) after someone mentioned it earlier. I can assure you that the main reason I’ve been considering it has nothing to do with the fact that Playboy dubbed it the #2 college in the country for having the hottest girls…


Yes… that has nothing to do with it at all… *runs*